12 Easy High Paying Jobs

Here’s our top list of 12 easy and high paying jobs that you could land right away!

Stress-free work for great money – sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Sadly, for the vast majority of Americans, that’s all it is. According to a 2021 survey, 80% of Americans are stressed out while working. 65% saying that it causes them a whole host of problems ranging from neck pain to trouble sleeping.

easy high paying jobs

Considering we spend nearly a third of our waking hours working, picking a job that can both pay the bills and keep you happy should be a major priority. Thankfully, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of easy high paying jobs that will keep your bank account full. While making sure that you still come home with a smile at the end of the day.

Dog Walker

If you love dogs and enjoy the fresh air then this might be the perfect gig for you. Not only does it give you the chance to spend your day around everyone’s favorite 4-legged friends, who doubtless are happy to see you, but it gives you a chance to stretch your legs and enjoy the sunshine.

While you won’t have a boss standing over your shoulder, if you plan on having repeat clients you’ll need to keep to a schedule and be available when they need you. Dog walkers do have the opportunity to increase their earnings by walking multiple dogs simultaneously, just don’t make the mistake of overextending yourself. As long as manage your time, you can have a great income working an easy job.

Personal Trainer

Do you love working out and inspiring others to become healthier? Then a personal trainer is definitely for you! Not only profitable, but it is also a fun and healthy way to earn your living, not to mention a great way to connect with others.

Your biggest concern as a personal trainer is going to be safety, knowing when to push your clients vs when to take things slow since this can mean the difference between a great workout and an unfortunate injury. While you can start as a personal trainer tomorrow, investing in certificates and licenses can seriously boost your pay.

Massage Therapist

If you want a relaxing environment to work in everyday then you should pick a career as a massage therapist. Relaxing music, low lighting, and creating a peaceful environment will keep you and your client feeling stress-free.

Most courses to become a massage therapist require between 300 to 1000 hours in order to get a certificate. Depending on how much time you have available to complete these hours, that could take anywhere between a few weeks, to a couple of years. Once you get it though, you’ll have the chance to work your own hours or have plenty of opportunities working full-time at a spa. It’s relaxing, it’s easy, and the pay is great!


Book lovers who appreciate an organized space will jump at the opportunity to work as a librarian. You’ll never have to be worried by screaming or shouting since library voices are held solely at a whisper.

Before you start thinking that working as a librarian means you’ll be stuck shushing school children, keep in mind that government buildings, museums, and healthcare facilities have libraries too. Any one of them would be lucky to have you.

Private Tutor

Don’t just keep all that knowledge to yourself, go help others learn and achieve! This kind of rewarding work is available to private tutors, as is the high pay that can be achieved by picking this job.

If you’re teaching a subject you like, you may never feel like you’re working a day in your life. Now that’s what we call an easy paying job! Plus you get to pick your own schedule and decide who you want to teach. While anyone can be a tutor, having some certificates or licenses is definitely going to help you get into that top-earning group.

Voice Actor

If reading stories, doing commercials, or making video game characters come to life sounds like your jam then being a voice actor might be the best thing to come along. While it doesn’t require any training, the pay often varies wildly.

For a small radio spot or a 15 second ad, you can expect between $35 – $150, while a 30 second radio commercial for a major market can get you $250 – $350. As you get better, you may start to do audio books that you can charge for up to $2000 – $5000!

Tour Guide

Telling stories and spreading wisdom. While having some pretty nifty tidbits of information, can earn you a high pay if you decide to go down the tour guide route. You get to spend your day meeting new people who have all come to hear about something that you’re incredibly passionate about.

In the United States, a tour guide’s salary is dependent on which state you decide to give tours in. Illinois and Idaho pay the least. Tour guides in California, Hawaii, and Alaska make, on average, far more than anywhere else in the country.

House Sitter

When it comes to easy and low-stress jobs it’s hard to beat being a house sitter. Your duties require you to come to someone’s house when they’re gone and… that’s about it. Sometimes you may be required to water plants, check that the alarms are still working, or feed the pets, but honestly, your job is to make sure the house looks the way the owners left it.

Your main hurdle here will be proving that you are a trustworthy person who people feel comfortable allowing into their home when they’re not there. Starting out might be tough, since people don’t know you. But once you have a couple of testimonials under your belt things will begin to get easier and easier.

Sales Rep

If you’re a socially savvy person who is great at convincing others to buy things then being a sales rep is definitely for you. Most of your job is going to require you shmoozing with your clients. This can be done over the phone, computer, or face-to-face at a nice restaurant (at your client’s expense of course).

Many of these jobs also offer terrific opportunities to travel as well, that way you can look your clients in the eye and let them see that million-dollar smile. Being a sales rep doesn’t require a degree, just a proven track record and a lot of enthusiasm for your work.


Don’t confuse being an optometrist with being an ophthalmologist, although both do deal with taking care of the eye. The difference is that an ophthalmologist is a licensed medical doctor, complete with an M.D. and a residency, while an optometrist has an O.D., or Doctor of Optometry.

Aside from the fact that becoming an optometrist takes far less work than becoming an ophthalmologist, this is a easy high paying job. In addition to the feeling of satisfaction that comes with helping people to see better, you’ll get the thrill of seeing plenty of 0’s in your bank account.

Air Marshall

Looking to protect the skies while also kicking back and enjoying some free, in-flight, entertainment? Then consider becoming an air marshall. For 99% of air marshalls, their job requires nothing more than keeping a lookout for anything suspicious, and then returning back to their movie (yes air marshalls are generally allowed to watch TV or listen to music at a reasonable volume).

Of course, if things get rowdy you may be required to step in and handle the situation. Becoming an air marshall doesn’t happen overnight either. It’s a tough application process plus 16 weeks of training. Afterward, you’ll have an easy and high-paying (not to mention high flying) job where you’re getting money to travel the world.

Dental Hygienist

The pay is fantastic for the amount of education that is required. Typical dental hygienists can get their degree in 2 to 4 years. Afterward you’ll be helping to make sure that people’s teeth are squeaky clean (just don’t be too hard on them if they haven’t been flossing regularly, okay?).

According to the dental magazine, Dentistry IQ, one of the best parts about working as a dental hygienist is the fantastic work-life balance that many in the profession report having. It’s also ranked as one of the least-stressful jobs there is! Only catch is to make sure that you’re taking regular breaks so your back and wrists don’t cramp up while you’re scraping some plaque out of your patients’ teeth.

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