Easy After High School Jobs

Here’s our top list of easy after high school jobs.

For those with high school graduation, there are a variety of well-paying and rewarding after high school jobs opportunities. Many of these professions offer on-the-job training and do not necessitate specific skills or a college diploma. These jobs provide a decent work-life balance and significant employment growth despite requiring a high school diploma if you seek a career option that does not demand more than a high school certificate.

Easy After High School Jobs

Home Health Aide

As the baby boomer generation ages, these professionals will be in great demand to assist patients with daily tasks such as cooking and housekeeping chores. Some positions necessitate high school graduation, competency exams or certificates, and passing a background check. CPR certification may be required as part of additional training.

In this career, you’ll most likely work for a company and have multiple clients to visit on a given day, though you might end up working for one individual in a house for extended periods.

Personal Care Aide

Personal care aides assist patients with chronic illnesses with daily duties such as making the bed and showering. You could work at a client’s home, a group home, or a nursing facility’s day service program. It can be a demanding and physically demanding job, and it may require working with people who have a wide range of moods. However, it is undoubtedly a job you can be proud of because you assist society’s most vulnerable individuals.

Groundskeeper & Landscaper

Landscapers and groundskeepers ensure that gardens and lawns in parks, golf courses, private houses, college campuses, and office buildings look nice and stay healthy. Planting, watering, mowing, fertilizing, and weeding keeps them busy outside. In most cases, no formal schooling is required for this employment, and employees learn on the job. It’s not frequently that a job demands you to work weekends.

People whose employment requires them to use pesticides and fertilizers may need a license.

Gaming Manager

At casinos, gaming managers keep an eye on the tables, dealers, and clients. They ensure that both personnel and customers respect the institution’s regulations and that each game is played moderately. They handle cash transactions, coordinate with security personnel, and serve customers daily at the casino.

Physical Therapist Aide

These individuals assist physical therapists and physical therapy assistants by performing less-skilled jobs such as sterilizing treatment locations and conducting administrative tasks. On-the-job training might run anywhere from a week to a month for many.

It’s a position in high demand, thanks to the healthcare industry’s growth and the aging of the baby boomer generation. Some physical therapist aides continue their studies to become physical therapy assistants or physical therapists, indicating a possibility for progression.

Taxi Driver

It is becoming easier to become a cab driver these days. You could work for a taxi firm in a big city, or you could drive your car and work for a ride-hailing app like Lyft or Uber.

Of course, taxi drivers will transport passengers wherever they wish to go, though usually within a 50-mile radius.


Firefighters respond to fire-related emergency calls. They are in charge of putting out flames and rescuing those trapped in burning structures. They put on protective gear and use specialized equipment to extinguish fires quickly.

Waiting Staff

As you may know, waiters do various tasks, including distributing menus, getting drinks, taking orders, delivering dessert, and bringing out the bill. They are lavishly tipped for their client service if everything goes smoothly.


A janitor’s work may not appear glamorous, but it is a vital one that has been much more respected due to the pandemic and a profession that can be considered heroic.

After all, you’re responsible for keeping people free of pathogens. You’re responsible for maintaining a structure clean and orderly. Because it’s easy to take a clean facility for granted, the general public may not notice if you complete your obligations. However, if you perform a poor job, everyone will quickly be talking about it.

It’s also physically demanding work because you’re always on your feet. That may not sound appealing when you’re in your forties or approaching retirement, but by then, you could be directing a younger cleaning crew and working in an office rather than cleaning one.

Delivery Truck Driver

Delivery truck drivers convey a wide range of commodities from one location to another, and while self-driving trucks are being discussed, we may be a long way from seeing them. With the rise of internet purchasing, it’s a career that’s in high demand.

It’s a career that requires long hours and strict routines. On the other side, you will have the opportunity to travel extensively and, depending on your job, see various sections of the country.

Security Guard

Even though this is an important job that can be dangerous at times, many security guards carry guns. After all, your job is to provide security, and while it may feel like you’re babysitting a building at times, you may come across criminals, such as shoplifters. You may also wind up assisting a large number of individuals, such as reuniting a missing child with their mother.

You could be working as a night guard in a warehouse, as a mall cop during the day, or at a packed grocery store or casino.

Security guards are required in a variety of settings. In this sense, the job can be as monotonous or as exciting as you want it to be.

Sales Representative

A sales representative, often known as a sales executive, is an important position within a firm. Suppose you’re marketing laboratory equipment, and you secure a multi-million-dollar deal with a chain of healthcare institutions, for example. In that case, you can imagine how pleased your boss would be. In other words, when it comes to growing a corporation, sales reps are frequently crucial individuals.

Hearing Aid Specialist

A hearing aid specialist’s role is to assess the extent of a client’s hearing loss using various tests and then determine which hearing aids are most suited to the client’s level of hearing loss and lifestyle. Dispensing and fitting hearing aids also requires a lot of adjustments and maintenance.

Hearing aid specialists typically only need a high school diploma, while employers prefer a bachelor’s degree. Before working as a hearing aid specialist, you will almost certainly need to obtain a license.

Solar Photovoltaic Installer

Solar panels are built, installed, and repaired by these clean-energy experts. Although a high school diploma is often the only education required to start this industry, many installers pursue courses at community colleges, technical schools, or as part of an apprenticeship program. Some businesses provide on-the-job training.

Public Transportation Operator

Subways, school buses, and streetcars are all operated by public transportation companies. They are in charge of ensuring that their passengers arrive at their destinations in a timely and safe manner. They usually work for the local government and are classified as civil servants.

Community Health Care Worker

Community health professionals provide information on health and self-care to the general populace. They may partner with a social worker’s office to provide healthcare information to people who require medical assistance. They give back to their communities by working to improve the physical well-being of everyone they meet.

Pharmacy Technician

Customers receive prescription prescriptions, pills, and other pharmaceutical products from pharmacy technicians who work in pharmacies. They might package and label medicine bottles, provide consumers advice on utilizing particular medications, and process payment transactions on a typical day. Hospitals, drugstores, grocery stores, and assisted living facilities are all familiar job places.

Mail Carrier

Letters and packages are collected and delivered by mail carriers to and from local businesses and houses. Mail carriers can walk, drive trucks, or drive vehicles, and they usually have a defined route that they follow every day.

Audiovisual technician

All of the equipment used in shows or presentations with audio or visual elements is operated and maintained by audiovisual technicians. Microphones, speakers, projectors, screens, and soundboards are among the tools available. These experts are in charge of setting up the equipment and dismantling it at the end of the event.

Iron Worker

Iron workers make and install rafters, beams, and sheet metal, among other iron building supplies. They may use concrete and bolts to secure the metal after welding and cutting it.

Police Dispatcher

Police dispatchers use radios to communicate with officers and direct them to where they are required. Dispatchers may also take 911 calls and work with on-duty officers to produce law enforcement to an emergency location.

Distribution Manager

In a distribution center, distribution managers supervise and facilitate the transfer of commodities and products. Large corporations, warehouses, manufacturing plants, and wholesale retailers all use them. Organizing shipments, entering data into computer systems, and managing a team of employees are their responsibilities.

Transportation Inspector

Transportation inspectors assess cars for compliance with local safety requirements and report any violations to the appropriate authorities. They look for unauthorized alterations, environmental dangers, and pieces that aren’t working.

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