Easy Jobs For People Who Get Bored Easily

Let’s take a look at some jobs for people who get bored easily. These jobs include a vast range of job ideas anyone can do!

While some enjoy a structure to their job, with the same routine every day, others are looking for new challenges in a fun environment that they love. Whether you are looking to work in a fast-paced workplace or are looking for a job that leads to little stress, there is a career out there and waiting for you.

When considering a new career, it is important to consider your options thoroughly so that you can make an informed decision. To help you choose a role that suits your requirements and personality, we have listed some interesting and adventurous roles below, as well as their average salaries.

Jobs For People Who Get Bored Easily

Tour Guide

If you are a people person with a thirst for knowledge, then why not consider the role of a tour guide. Tourism is a billion dollar industry, and with travel opening back up again, there is no better time than to consider impacting your knowledge on the local cities and sights to others. A tour guide educates visitors on culture and history and often helps plan trips, accommodation and restaurants for those they are showing around. Tour guides can undertake walking tours or commentate while on a tour bus. They can also be based in one location, such as a museum, where their knowledge will be more specific. On average, a tour guide earns $27,000 each year. However, this can increase significantly if they receive tips from the tourists they guide.

News Reporter

Another job that definitely changes on a day to day basis is that of a news reporter. News reporters deliver the most recent stories to viewers or listeners across a number of different platforms, including radio, online or television. They can research background on the news story, report from the scene and conduct interviews. News reporters can be pre-recorded or recorded live. This is a fast paced job that can be a lot of fun. The salary of a news reporter ranges depending on the platform that they work for. And the pay will also depend on whether it is local, regional or national. On average, however, it sits at just under $33,000 per year.

Flight Attendant

If you love to travel the world, meet people and discover new places, there couldn’t be a job more fun than a flight attendant. Flight attendants are there to make travellers more comfortable during their flight by providing refreshments and ensuring safety. They work in a strong team of pilots and other stewards, often creating close relationships. Flight attendants do not require any qualifications but do require training, usually delivered by the airlines. Generally, flight attendants can have layovers at their destination, and therefore get to see a little more of the world than those sat behind a desk. The role of a flight attendant can earn around $33,000 per year.


The main roles of a journalist include researching stories and reporting on them. Usually, these stories focus on current events, local events, sporting events or popular trends. Reporters can conduct interviews for research or live on air to find out more information from experts or witnesses. Some may also take photographs to complement their writing. Journalists can work for a number of different companies, including print media and social media, or can also be self-employed. If you are considering a career in journalism, perhaps choose to specialise in a field that you have a passion for. For example, if you love exploring new places, try travel journalism – fly off to a new country, explore its sights and taste its food before reporting back to the public. Travel articles can include cost breakdowns, lists of the top attractions or recommendations on which companies to travel with. Generally, if working for a company, you may get your travel expenses for free, meaning you get to explore the world without paying for it. The average salary for a journalist sits at around $35,00 per annum.

Event Planner

If you enjoy coordinating a number of different tasks, working with multiple vendors and planning great events, then the role of an event planner is one to consider. Event planners work for companies or clients to understand what they are looking for before turning these ideas into a reality. They work with venues and service providers to help set up and manage an event, ensuring it runs smoothly. Event planners can work for entertainment venues or hotels or can be self-employed and hired by those organizing a wedding, party or business event. The average salary for an event planner sits at around $37,000 per year.


One role that can be great fun during your shift but requires little thought after you clock out is that of a bartender. Working within the hospitality industry comes with a number of perks – from great tips to interesting customers. No two shifts are ever the same. The main role of a bartender is to make and serve drinks to customers while ensuring that the bar is both clean and sanitary. In addition to traditional bars, bartenders can also work in hotels, entertainment venues, sports venues or restaurants. When it comes to salary, this differs dramatically each month depending on tips, however, the average salary works out at just under $40,000 per year.

Athletic Coach

Athletic ability is something that comes naturally to many and is an easy job for those with these talents. Athletic coaching is a fun and fulfilling job, where no two days will be the same. Coaches will work with athletes, training and preparing them for sporting competitions by improving their technique, giving them feedback on their performance and supporting their training. Athletics coaches work at many different levels, from coaching sports clubs, high school sports, college competitions or at a professional level. Therefore, there are many different salaries for an athletics coach. On average, the salary sits at around $42,000 each year.

Game Reviewer

What could be better than getting paid and earning a living by playing your favorite games? That is the reality for the many game reviewers around the world. Game reviews get paid to play video games all day long. Making notes on them and reviewing them for online or media outlets. Additionally, gaming companies may hire you for their feedback and to write reviews either to gain feedback to make improvements or to promote their products. Whether this may be new games, new consoles or new gadgets. To gain this role, however, you will need to be skilled within the gaming field. Showing a real talent as this is a highly competitive field. You will be playing games for long periods, so it is important to have a real passion for gaming. The average salary for this field is around $63,000.


If you have experience with younger children, a great job that will keep you on your toes is a nanny. A nanny is a child care professional that cares for children in their homes, helping out parents who may be trying to balance family life with a professional career. Nannies can be contracted to work during the week or simply when parents are away on business trips. Their main role is to supervise the children, taking them to school, helping with homework and cooking their meals. Some nannies work full time, living in the homes in which they work. On average, the salary for a nanny is around $43,000 per year. Nannies may earn extra if they are asked to come on trips with the family or work overnight.

Public Relations Manager

Those whose strengths lie in working with people, communicating ideas and thinking creatively, then a career in public relations may be for you. A public relations manager collaborates with their PR team to communicate messages between companies and their audience. PR managers work for a number of different organisations such as corporations, specific PR firms, government departments or charities. This could be promoting products or advertising events in an effort to grow the business and its reach. They can be interviewed by media outlets to deliver a message or shape public opinion to help the company’s reputation. PR managers are important throughout the year but are especially needed if there has been a scandal or bad press about the company. A PR salary differs dependant on the type of organization that you work for, with the average salary being around $54,000.

Real Estate Agent

While Real Estate Agents do require a licence, they do not require a college degree and are therefore easier to get than other higher-paying roles. Real Estate Agents help clients or business owners sell their homes or properties or purchase a new one. They do this by visiting and valuing properties, improving them where necessary and arranging the advertising of the sale. Additionally, they meet with clients, discussing their needs and give tours of suitable homes. If a client decides to buy a property, they can then walk them through the sale, helping with the bidding process and finances. Real estate agent salaries vary depending on the type of properties sold as they receive a commission from each individual sale. On average, the salary sits at around $92,305 per year.

Food Taster and Critic

If you enjoy eating out at fancy restaurants or savour every morsel of every meal, then why not get paid for it? Newspapers, online blogs and magazines hire food critics to visit local restaurants to taste the food and then write enticing and detailed reviews for readers. Additionally, some restaurants will employ you directly to taste their good and publicly post a review on them to try and increase their bookings. Average salaries in this field range from $40,000 to $80,000.

Amusement Rides Tester

For those who have a restless and adventurous spirit, this may be the job for you. An Amusement rides tester means that you can move around amusement parks and ride developers, testing out their latest designs. In this job, you will travel between parks, testing a number of different types of rides, creating reports on factors such as speed limits, height and safety. While this is a fun and exhilarating job, it is also a serious one, and you will need to be in good physical health to be considered for the role. On average, testers get paid flat fees for each visit – with the larger parks paying $3000-4000 for a couple of weeks work.

Starting Your Own Business

And finally, the most challenging option on our list is starting your own business, however, it could also be the most rewarding. Starting your own business from scratch based on a passion or interest that you have will mean that you will be more interested in your job, and more likely to stick at it.

Starting your own business will mean that your time will be taken up with a number of different tasks, meaning that you will have no time to get bored. The success of your business will be dependant on the work that you put in to it, and you will experience the highs and lows of making it on your own. The average salary for an entrepreneur is around $43,000 per annum.

Ready To Switch To An Exciting Job?

If your current role is leaving you bored and uninspired, we hope that our list of easy jobs for people who get bored easily has given you some inspiration for potential exciting careers to look in to. Not all jobs focus on sitting at a desk all day, and if this isn’t for you, why not try something different. You know what they say, if you enjoy your job, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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