Easy Jobs for Pregnant Women

If you’re pregnant and looking for an easy job to keep you off of your feet while also keeping money in the bank, you’ve come to the right place!

Pregnancy is hard. It’s hard on your body, your mind, and your finances. Every day you grow bigger and bigger while feeling a large range of emotions that can be difficult to deal with. Babies need a lot, which can make pregnancy stressful as you navigate how to afford all of their basic necessities.

Maybe you’re looking for a job to pass the time over the next nine months, or maybe you’re looking to break into a family friendly career. Regardless of your reason, rest knowing that there are many jobs out there that are easy and great for pregnant women!

Easy Jobs for Pregnant Women

Things That Make a Job Great for Pregnant Woman

It’s important to think about the things you may need in a job before setting out to explore possibilities. Everyone’s needs are different, so think about yours and decide what is a must have in a future position. The following points are great things to start thinking about!

Health Benefits

Do you need health insurance, or do you already have your own? Are you looking for a company to pay for your maternity leave, or are you okay taking a break from work or working soon after the baby?

Physical Requirements

Does this job require a lot physically? Will you be able to do this job when you are 8 months pregnant? Does it surpass the level of activity that your doctor wants you to partake in?

Scheduling Flexibility

Pregnancy comes with a lot of doctors’ appointments and days that you just don’t feel capable of doing anything. How many sick days does your future company allow? Can you commit to working 40 hours, or would part time or a contracting role be better for you?


While in your position, will you be exposed to things harmful to you or your baby? Low risk jobs are best while pregnant. Take into consideration the number of sick individuals and/or toxins you may be exposed to.

Post-Pregnancy Opportunities

Is this a position you’re looking to return to after you have your baby? Is there opportunity for advancement, or are you just looking for something to pass the time before you give birth?


Are you okay with driving 30 minutes to get to the office or do car rides in the morning make you nauseous? Would you prefer a work from home job, or do you have a hard time getting motivated while at home and prefer a job around other people?

A Note About Pregnancy Rights

When applying for jobs, consider your rights as a pregnant woman.

In the U.S., it is illegal for a company to refrain from hiring you because of your pregnancy. It is also illegal to fire someone because they’re pregnant. Pregnant women are protected, but like many others with health issues, they have to determine whether or not to disclose their physical state to their future employer before being offered a position.

Remember that you are never required to tell anyone your pregnant. They cannot legally ask you if you are pregnant. And while they can’t fire you after you’re hired due to being pregnant, it is easy to say you weren’t hired for another random reason when really, they didn’t want to deal with you leaving in 9 months.

Consider the risks of disclosing your pregnancy to a job before accepting it or during interviews. It’s a personal choice, but knowing your rights is important!

The 10 Best Jobs for Pregnant Women

Online Transcriptionist

Are you detail oriented, a good listener, and a self-starter? Consider being an online transcriptionist!

An online transcriptionist is someone who listens to audio and then types out what they hear. It is a job that can be done easily from home with your feet up, which is perfect for pregnant women. As long as you have an environment that you can focus on and a stable computer and internet connection, you’re all set!

Online Language Tutor

If you love teaching and are fluent in a language, online tutoring may be perfect for you!

Online tutors are responsible for teaching both children and adults language skills. These skills range from basic introductory words to more complex advanced grammar. As long as you’re patient, you can excel at this job from the comfort of your home!

Many online tutoring websites offer their tutors the opportunity to create their own schedules, which is perfect for those last minute doctors’ appointments and days that you don’t feel well. Bonus points are given to anyone who is fluent in multiple languages!

Call Center Phone Operator

If you’re a people person that can take detailed notes and excels in customer service situations, consider working at a call center.

Some call centers are in person, but the majority offer remote positions! Many companies offer equipment as well, so you don’t even have to worry about getting your own computer. There are both contractor and full time employment options available when looking for a job for a call center, so take your personal needs into consideration when deciding which type of employment you’d like.

Remember that contractors are given more flexibility in scheduling but no benefits, while full time employees have a set schedule with benefits.

Virtual Assistant

Are you good with social media and graphic design? Do you have people skills and some basic knowledge of marketing? If so, you should try to become a virtual assistant!

The job description for a virtual assistant varies greatly, as it is dependent on what the client needs. Some tasks may include social media management, answering phones, responding to emails, coordinating appointments, so on and so forth.

Virtual assistants are typically contractors who pick their own schedules, which can be helpful as long as you have the self-discipline to stay on track and get your work done!


You’ll have a baby soon anyways, why not help other people with theirs?

Becoming a nanny or a babysitter is a great way to practice your skills with children while also making some money. While these jobs typically don’t come with benefits, they can be done even after you have the baby! How perfect is a job where you can bring your child to work with you?

Pet Sitter

Do you have a love for animals? Why not try to be a pet sitter?

Pet sitters are typically responsible for feeding, walking, and letting dogs out to go to the bathroom. Some pet sitting positions are overnight, while others just require a quick check in every day. This is the perfect job to earn some easy money while doing simple tasks!


Are you good with people, organized, and great at following directions? If so, look into becoming a receptionist!

With both virtual and in person receptionist positions, you have a lot of options. Either way, expect a job where you’re able to sit down for the majority of the day. This will come in handy when it gets closer to your due date!


If you are good with words, fluent in a language, and self-motivated, becoming a copywriter is a great opportunity!

Copywriters write text for their clients about various topics. Being well versed in grammar is a must! This is a great job for someone who needs a bit of flexibility in their schedule. While there are full time and contracting positions available for copywriters, contractors who operate on freelance platforms have the most say over their schedules.

This job is great for a pregnant woman because you are able to sit. You can pretty much do this job from anywhere with internet access!


Finding a job that you can do successfully while pregnant may seem overwhelming, but there are tons of positions out there that are perfect for this time frame in your life. Check out our Easy Jobs for Stay-at-Home Moms list to get even more ideas!

By searching job boards and educating yourself on the opportunities available to you as well as your rights as a pregnant woman, you are taking great steps towards finding a job that is right for you.

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