Easy Jobs For Retirees

Here is a glossary of easy jobs for retirees in which they can take up and start earning immediately.

There are diverse reasons why a retiree would decide to work after a good life of service. It could be to remain on the green side of their accounts and finances, never needing to worry about running low on the power to choose that money provides. Some other retirees, especially in the United States may not have a choice in the matter. As their taxes and statutory bills run into thousands monthly and as such, they really do need to keep those numbers low and negligible.

There’s also the small sect of people who are actively researching part time jobs for retirees. Solely for the purpose of maintaining a daily drive. A sort of reason to get out of bed and a sense of duty.

Regardless of what your cards are, this article will show you 9 fantastic part time jobs options for your consideration. All of which you can start immediately. These easy jobs for retirees were carefully selected because of their low bar of entry and their relatively decent hourly pay. So as you read on, set your feet to take action!

Easy Job For Retirees

A Word of Encouragement

Ever been to a live Broadway show?

Yeah, the kind with performers on stage on one side and a cluster of rapturously attentive observers on the other. If you’ve been to one of those and stayed on till the end, you would have witnessed the (dare I say dramatic) moment when the casts are bowed out of the stage and the curtains are closed signalling the end of the show.

The reason I’m recalling this seemingly ordinary event is because of how it relates to life after retirement.

I’ll explain;

It’s no secret that some people assume life to be over and done with when they enter their late sixties and seventies, and this couldn’t be further from the truth. The fact is, being old and beautifully grey is a key part of the human experience. And like every of life’s phases, it does have pros, multiple of those in fact, as well as cons. Consider this new journey an adventure into a time of calm value delivery, peace and good living.

Now let’s dive in!

Easy Jobs For Retirees

The jobs listed here are fantastic and will serve you well. Some of them may require prior experience in their specific industry. Nonetheless there is something for everyone, you just need to optimistically take action.

Sports Coach

A Sports Coach is typically someone with passion and experience in a particular sporting field. If you have some history with any kind of sport, you can get hired on a full or part time basis as a Sports Coach for a local team near where you live. This opportunity will give you access to budding, young talent and a chance to mentor them. Not just in the field of play but also with some of the valuable nuggets you have gotten out of life. Sports coaching is generally a cool job/career to have. Especially if you are not in a critical fix financially, a couple thousands here and there per season with the extra perk of staying fit and mobile while on the job.


Retired teachers and other educators can take up private tutoring gigs for students who are having a hard time academically. Or students who might need some extra attention and explanation. Your background in education and academics will be vital in helping students conquer tough subjects, boost their grades and other milestones they may desire. Private Tutors enjoy the freedom of choice over which students they work with and what hours. This gig is closely related to Substitute Teaching which is discussed later in this article.

Pet Sitter (Senior Dog Walkers, Pet enthusiasts)

Loving animals is a gift that keeps on giving. If you have a soft spot for furry (and non-furry) domestic pets, then you definitely have some checks waiting for you. You can get started immediately as a pet sitter by offering your service to family members, friends, neighbors and other referrals who may need someone to help them out while they work or are away on vacation or business.

This industry isn’t as saturated as some people believe. You could literally start your own “Jack’s Pet Sitting Company” from the comfort of your couch and have people book you in advance to come walk or take care of their pets. If you don’t want to handle the rigors that might be associated with starting a small business, you can always partner with a company that already provides animal care near you and offer your services.


If you own a car and don’t mind getting paid driving strangers from one location to another. Working your hours as you choose then you must consider signing with Uber, Lyft or even Amazon. These platforms help people commute between locations, and you can profit as you decide to, by choosing to drive a certain number of people daily. Uber, Lyft and Amazon aren’t your only options for a freelance driving part time job; there are schools, exotic limo and transport vans looking to hire experienced drivers daily. The allure of the Driving business when you sign up for Uber is that you get to work when you want and earn accordingly, try it!


Retirees who are career professionals with extensive years of experience in their respective fields can offer consultancy services to individuals and corporate businesses who need their experience and wisdom. Consulting is perfect if you don’t want to spend too much time on the job daily. Simply turn your expertise, your network and your experience to your gain and work part time for your old employer or other professionals and companies in your field.

Virtual Assistant

Seniors with administrative experience who had worked as an administrative assistant or are comfortable with basic data entry and communication technology can make money working as part-time Virtual Assistants. Being a VA can help you translate your skills into a part-time job that pays! The minimum requirement for VAs is that you are up and doing and able to find your way around requisite software. No college degree is necessary when working as a Virtual Assistant. However, your writing skills and familiarity with programs like Microsoft Office and related online tools (such as Slack) must be on par.

Freelance Writer/Blogger

If you can write – or you at least have some writing skills, it doesn’t matter if you did it as a career or as a hobby, you can definitely make good money working as a freelance writer or editor on platforms like Fiverr.com, Freelancer.com and Upwork.com.  

It is true that writers make several thousands monthly. From taking on retainer-based clients on one-off clients on these platforms and you can too. All you need to launch your freelancing career is a love for writing, a good eye for research, your workstation or laptop and a course or two on writing professionally on Udemy and you’re good to go.

Writing is one of the best part-time jobs for retirees because you can do the work anywhere, on your own schedule, and you can work with clients all over the world. There’s no limit.

Be A Part Time Accountant

Accounting skills are in high demand and thankfully, they don’t just go away when you retire. You can perform consulting as needed, payroll and tax advice services on a part time basis. Much like freelance writing, you can be a freelance accountant on the platforms mentioned above. And work remotely from home conveniently, making money as you go. Kindly visit fiverr.com, freelancer.com and upwork.com for specific accounting services you can start providing now.

Substitute Teacher

Being a substitute teacher gives you the opportunity to work with children on your schedule and get paid for your services. Once you’re hired by a school, you will be able to choose an assignment based on your own availability. It is worth mentioning that there are other positions available at schools other than teaching. If you’re interested, you could also serve in the food service department, the cafeteria, as a bus driver or security personnel for the school.

Tips On How To Get A Retiree Job

The hard part in landing a retiree job is deciding on what you want to do. If you have gotten that out of the way, then the rest is relatively easy.

To get a job, go on job search sites like Indeed.com and Monster.com using keywords that match your preferred job type and your location. These two sites are often replete with job openings you can apply for.  LinkedIn is also a good place to get more professional full time and part-time gigs. After you set up your LinkedIn profile, you can use the Easy Apply option to apply to jobs daily. Finally, Craigslist is a gold mine for freelance, part-time and short term job seekers. Visit the platform and enter your location, check the “Gigs” and “Part-Time” job sections for openings.

Word of mouth is also a good strategy. Spread the word with your family and friends, and you could get a job offer that pans well into what you want to be doing. Live life well and have some fun while at it!

Check out our top list of Easy Part Time Jobs for even more ideas!

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