Easy Jobs in Las Vegas

The compelling city of Las Vegas, known for its nightlife and exquisite entertainment. This city is proclaimed to never sleep and is the place where the parties never die. Of course, its allure is hard to deny and many want to experience the city for longer than a couple of wild nights. So, if you are looking for easy jobs in Las Vegas that are unique then look no further.

Type of Jobs in Las Vegas

The following jobs highlight only a small handful of interesting jobs from a wide range of skills that require little to no training. These jobs are part of what makes Las Vegas one of the most entertaining cities to visit, but also one of the most fun to work in. If you are looking for unique experiences and are a people person then these job openings may be perfect for you.

Table Games Dealer

Casino jobs may pop into mind easily when thinking of Las Vegas and there is a good reason for this. With the gambling environment distinguished in Vegas, the job opportunities for table games dealers are almost endless.

As a table games dealer, you handle cards, operate additional gaming equipment as necessary, distribute winnings and collect chips. It is desirable to have good math skills to be a top-end dealer but you do not need a mathematics degree or even a college degree necessarily. This job pays on average around $20,000 per year but can double in pay after years of experience and talent.

People who work as games dealers should have customer relation skills that will allow them to small talk with ease and in some casinos be the entertainment to their guests while they play, by providing humor or dressing in extravagant attire.

Las Vegas Bartender

Now, this may seem like a job you can get anywhere, and essentially it is, however, there are no bartenders quite like Las Vegas ones. Here you have so many different bars you can work at and many may be accompanied by themes that include:

  • Millennial Fandom Bar
  • The Golden Tiki: Skull Island
  • Player 1 Video Game Bar
  • Gilley’s: Country Theme
  • Minus5 Ice Bar: Ice Theme
  • Pioneer Saloon

Bartenders in Las Vegas are almost guaranteed some of the highest tips. People from all over the world come to Vegas on one mission: to party and to spend money. Some of the world’s wealthiest people go to Las Vegas intending to splurge and enjoy themselves. Now as a bartender with excellent customer service and charisma you can land yourself some wealthy customers willing to tip more than your nights pay.

The best part about this job is you do not need any requirements or previous experience. The job itself is simple and it is fun. Customers may even pay to take shots with you! It would be bad customer service to deny what the customer requests. So… yes sometimes you even get paid to have fun too. Bartenders in Las Vegas on average can make between $45,000 and $75,000.

Bartender Jobs in Las Vegas

Oxygen Bar Jobs

At the oxygen bar, you can expect three main roles to fill as easy jobs in Las Vegas, the barista, front-of-the-house team member, and sales associate. The barista is in charge of providing oxygen therapy as well as various drinks. This role is known for its ability to gain substantial tips and has an average salary of $25,326. The front-of-house team member is focused on establishing customer service and earns on average $24,933. The sales associate is focused on the companies income and generating more sales, however, they receive the lowest pay on average out of three with $24,933.

Oxygen bars have become extremely popular in Vegas. These bars are used to help your body in many different ways. But are the most known in the Strip for curing that impending hangover that accompanies a Las Vegas trip. They are also popular for helping recover from jet lag as people come from far and wide to have a night out on the strip. In these jobs, you work closely with customers and promote the use of oxygen to make clients bounce back from a night out. This oxygen therapy also includes flavored oxygen options.

Elvis Impersonator

If you want to be close to love and happiness in the fast-paced heart of Las Vegas then becoming an Elvis minister is the perfect easy job in Las Vegas for you. In this job, you get to dress like Elvis and declare various couples as wed in some of the most unique wedding ceremonies yet. These weddings range from traditional themes with an Elvis minister being the only anomaly to an entire guest list all dressed as Elvis.

If you are a talented singer then you may just get a bonus with this job. From an easy job in Las Vegas helping couples tie the knot, to potentially putting on an entire performance at the wedding ceremony. Elvis ministers that can sing are requested to not only wed a couple but to perform some of Elvis’s greatest hits. Elvis ministers make a wide range of money that varies significantly but on average they earn $20 per hour at each gig.

Cirque Du Soleil Jobs

Thinking of running away and joining the circus? The Cirque du Soleil is well known for its remarkable performances but there are a wide variety of behind-the-scenes jobs that are available to make you a part of these exquisite performances.

These behind the scenes jobs include:

  • Costume shop supervisor
  • Wig technicians
  • Makeup technician
  • Costumer coordinator
  • Lighting technician
  • Therapist for the performers
  • Runners: perform numerous errands
  • Showroom gatekeeper
Cirque du Soleil Jobs in Las Vegas

Gondola Rower

At the Venetian hotel, you can find arguably the easiest job in Las Vegas, a gondola rower. When picturing a gondola ride you may be thinking of Venice, Italy while the rower sings flawlessly to you, but you probably did not realize that you too can be a gondola rower right here in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Venetian resort offers gondola rides to its guests. With many of the rides being electrically powered making the rowing of this job more so for the aesthetic rather than moving the ride. Therefore, it does not take immense physical exertion to complete this job.

You also can expect an array of tips from all guests on your gondola tour. That’s on top of a wage that is paying you to entertain and pretend to row a gondola around controlled waters. Gondola rowers in Las Vegas make on average $15 per hour plus tips.

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