Easy Jobs To Get In California

Finding a job can be a struggle for people of all different backgrounds and skill levels. Here in California, where there are over 39 million people, this challenge can be even more difficult. Although no one dreams of labor, finding a stable stream of income is a necessary part of life.


Here is a list of 8 easy jobs to get in California, including easily attainable jobs, well-paying jobs, and overnight jobs.

Private Duty Caregiver

  • Average Pay: $47,442
  • Top Earners: $56,447

Deep in your heart, do you feel that your purpose is to care for people? Although it is meaningful to look after those in your own life, there is a valuable career you can pursue that will allow you to make a difference in other people’s lives every day.

As a caregiver, you help people function through normal daily activities, as well as running errands and taking them to appointments. While these actions may be simple to you, they make a drastic difference to the patients you help. As an additional bonus, most of these required skills you can learn on the job!

Warehouse Worker

  • Average Pay: $34,220
  • Top Earners: $42,636

The responsibility of tracking and sorting through inventory is the job of a warehouse worker. If you are attentive to detail, like to be in control, and have a natural sense of organization, this career may be a great fit for you.

Choosing a career that allows you to work flexible hours and use your brain will allow you to go home feeling fulfilled. This job is reasonably low-stress, yet you still know you’re making a difference in the efficiency of businesses.

Physician Assistant

  • Average Pay: $123,234
  • Top Earners: $147,369

Do you have an interest in medicine and an intrinsic need to help people, but you don’t want to spend that much time in school? If so, becoming a Physician Assistant may be the perfect option for you!

Choosing your career in healthcare doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your youth in school and student debt – becoming a PA allows you to see patients and prescribe medicine with only a master’s degree. Since the PA profession was introduced to the medical field in 1967, the career has continued to increase and is expected to rise another 31% by the year 2030. Reliable industry and meaningful work – what more could you want in a career?

Delivery Route Driver

  • Average Pay: $48,610
  • Top Earners: $67,008

Are you the type of person who loves taking a long drive to ease the mind? If so, turning your pastime into a career may be the ideal next step for you. Delivery route drivers are essential members of society, ensuring all items are safely and efficiently shipped to the desired location.

This job is easily attainable, only requiring a high school diploma or equivalent, a valid driver’s license, and a clean driving record. One of the best parts? This job can work in various shifts, allowing you to work during the day or overnight, depending on what works best for your schedule.

Real Estate Agent

  • Average Pay: $48,401
  • Top Earners: $73,550

Navigating the real estate world is confusing for the average person, so if you have a savviness for contracts and living requirements, why not make a career out of helping others achieve their own housing dreams?

Although there are plenty of real estate agents already out there, people will always be seeking help when it comes to purchasing and selling homes. If you think you have what it takes to work for yourself and employ a go-getter attitude every day, channeling your charismatic personality into a method of paying the bills seems like a no-brainer.

Personal Assistant

  • Average Pay: $78,481
  • Top Earners: $105,524

Is time management and organization a priority in your own life to the point where it bothers you to see other people’s lack of organization? If so, finding a personal assistant position may become your new dream career.

Securing this position is the epitome of “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” but if you find the right connection, you can be making amazing money while completing simple maintenance tasks that you love. As a personal assistant, you will coordinate contractors, run errands, create travel arrangements, and much more. Start your search today.

Social Media Manager

  • Average Pay: $47,976
  • Top Earners: $61,941

Do you find yourself scrolling your life away through social media, taking note of the trends, and observing who does a great (or not so great) job? Businesses are requiring a strong social media presence now more than ever, so if you think you know what it takes to create appealing content, working as a social media manager may be a great career step for you.

It takes a lot of time to create, edit and post content, so many businesses are beginning to outsource this aspect of marketing. This is an especially unique opportunity for the younger generations who were raised on social media, as they have an innate sense for promoting a brand digitally. There is high earning potential in this career, so if it seems like it may be something that could interest you, try your hand as a social media manager.

Wedding Planner

  • Average Pay: $40,401
  • Top Earners: $49,380

If you have an eye for detail and adore all things related to love, becoming a wedding planner can be a fulfilling career for you. Taking on this responsibility relieves brides and grooms from the stress of making their special day perfect – rather, they can rely on an expert like you to make the right decisions and ensure everything runs smoothly.

Combine your artistic talent with your passion for planning and create the career of your dreams as a wedding planner.


At the end of the day, you should pursue a career that makes you feel fulfilled. If you find happiness in your work, then the money will follow. It can be difficult to navigate the job market, but these suggestions can be a great place to start when seeking your future career.

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