Easy Jobs to Get in Houston, Texas

Getting a decent job is sure harder, especially when we currently facing the ongoing pandemic. While there’s clearly an invisible, harmful threat outside, people are getting more desperate to make a living. Surely it’s a dark time for all, but chances are always with the people who’re willing to give. If you are ever confused about finding the easy jobs to get in Houston, we’re here to help you.

In the wake of the COVID outbreak, we’ve seen reports telling about how the economic growth could unfold for the next few years to come. The lockdown period that happened in mid-2020 was devastating. You witnessed people were losing their jobs, even worse, their lives.

The current economic situation in Houston doesn’t show excellent progress compared to other major areas in Texas. BAUER college of business has reported that among 367,000 people who lost their jobs to the initial lockdown period, only 57.4% returned. It’s a low percentage compared to other areas where the average number is around 70%.

But, that doesn’t mean that you should give up easily. Even when the economy’s future condition is still blurred, one can indeed make a living to satisfy day-to-day expenses. Without talking much further, here’s the list of easy jobs to get in Houston you might try.

Finding The Easy Jobs to Get in Houston

In order to get the list of potential professions you may enter, we’ve summarized the data from SimplyHired and Indeed. We also wanted you to get an initial understanding of what to expect from each job so you can imagine and prepare yourself for a better working performance. Let us start with the first one.

1. Warehouse Helper

The first one on the list of easy jobs to get in Houston is warehouse helper. Working as a helper doesn’t usually require a particular certification or degree. But, you might expect more universal tasks to do.

Helper itself is a job that helps prepare any needs related to tools and equipment. A warehouse helper is someone who works to prepare anything for the company’s warehouse, such as ensuring the condition of heavy equipment, lifting and placing goods, matching stock with records and others.

They will meet the requirements of the warehouse and may even clean the warehouse or even carry out maintenance on the products in the warehouse. Warehouse helpers usually rely on physical strength because they have to work with muscles; the rest requires a high level of foresight.

Agile and tenacious workers will certainly produce a neatly arranged warehouse area.

Even though helpers always use their physical strength when working, the duties of a warehouse helper go beyond that—the more extensive the company, of course, the greater the responsibility.

It could be that in a large company, there is a warehouse helper whose job is only 1 or 2, such as recording incoming and outgoing stock of goods and then checking it.

2. Call Center Representative

A call center representative is one type of work that provides information to everyone who wants to ask about problems and issues related to the company’s products or services. The provision of data is usually made through telephone media.

In a company, a Call center representative works as a service administration media that supports incoming products and investigates information related to consumers. The representatives make outgoing calls with the aim of telemarketing, clientele or debt collection.

Telemarketing is one of the methods used to promote and offering the value of something, and this method is still quite effective. By using telemarketing techniques, advertisements delivered by call center representatives tend to be more digestible. That’s why the job always requires a skillful communication ability, and of course, patience.

Call Center has a very challenging but helpful task in the business aspect because, as we know, the one who will serve customers if someone contacts the company is the call center department. Suppose a company has a call center team that can answer all the questions given by customers well. In that case, they will possibly respond positively to the company, and maybe one day your company will be recommended by the customer. It could be an inadvertent way of promoting, even when they haven’t realized it.

However, if the call center service is not satisfactory, your company will find it difficult to get loyal customers. That’s why you need to prepare yourself to be patient, confident, and cheerful.

3. Store Crew

The next one on the list of easy jobs to get in Houston is store crew. Store crew is a group of jobs in charge of the shop, and all work with their respective duties. The main task of the crew store is to serve customers who come to the supermarket. The salary obtained by this store crew is adjusted to the level of difficulty of the work. People working as store crews usually follow the working system, whether it’s a day-to-day or shift system.

In general, store crews have duties and responsibilities such as providing services to shop visitors, displaying products, preparing returns, receiving goods storage, offering promotional programs, checking product condition, carrying out cleaning, and so on.

4. Mechanical Technician

Any companies need their machines to work. Without them in the fittest condition, the business will be ruined. The way of maintaining production machines is sure not easy as it seems.

From the effect of the continuous work movement of the machine in a lifetime, it will reduce the optimization of work and work productivity on the production machine.

To avoid this undesirable risk, a factory or industry may recruit a technician or person who is competent in handling production machinery problems. A mechanical technician always has the main tasks to do, including maintenances on mechanical production machine parts so that there is no fatal damage or trouble when the machine is in production, machines repairing for the ones that are physically damaged, etc.

5. Nutritionist

Unlike dietitians, nutritionists are individuals who are qualified to provide information about nutrition and health problems, as well as healthy food and eating patterns. A nutritionist usually works in government or public institutions.

Usually, there are some who also work with private clients to formulate information about their personal nutrition needs. However, these nutritionists do not have a formal license or training from professional practitioners, so they cannot provide treatment and diagnose diseases.

Dietitians can work with patients in care is supervised directly by a registered health professional, an RD nutritionist. Nutritionists are specialists who have knowledge and skills in the field of nutrition. The nutritionist has a role in regulating the nutrition of a particular patient or group.

Unlike RD nutritionists, nutritionists are not protected by law, so make sure you have adequate training.

6. Cleaner

In general, the main job of a cleaner is to provide cleaning, tidiness, and hygiene services to the office. It includes indoor or outdoor cleaning so that a comfortable atmosphere can be created to support daily activities as a short-term goal and long-term goal. Another task is to maintain the life of all objects included in the scope of the cleaning service.

Cleaning service is really needed because cleanliness is one of the priorities to make a better working environment.

7. Administrative Assistant

In general, the task of this administrative assistant is to organize data or activities in order to make the system or goals of the company and agency can be adequately achieved. Considering the importance of this division, many universities and even vocational schools in this country have opened administration majors.

Of course, this administrative assistant has its own task so that the work in the company can be carried out properly. In general, they have the task of recapitulating data, managing documents and keeping it organized.

The usual task for an administrative assistant is to archive data. This needs to be done so that the existing data is easy to manage and well organized. In addition to archiving data, the administration assistant also needs to enter or recap data. The data recap can come from clients or consumers who have worked with or are loyal to the company.

8. Receptionist

The last one on the list of easy jobs to get in Houston is the receptionist. You must be familiar with the term Receptionist, right? You can meet them when you’re going to hotels, cafes, restaurants, or companies.

These receptionists always ask about the needs of the visitors with a confident smile. They are also ready to help visitors before they enter the designated room. Generally, they have the duty to greet, serve and provide information to visitors, customers or interested parties.

They must act as an information intermediary between management and visitors. A receptionist is an employee who functions to greet visitors in a company, office, hotel or restaurant.

Those who work as receptionists are generally placed in the lobby or front of the office, with the aim of making it easy for visitors who want to find information and an overview of a company or business unit.

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