Easy Jobs To Get In Miami

For many people, living in Miami, Florida is the absolute dream. How could it not be? A gorgeous city surrounded by turquoise blue water on one side and lush green national parks on the other. Not to mention the fact that the sunshine is endless, which is fantastic when the rest of the country is starting to bundle up for winter.

However, moving to a new city can be harrowing at worst, and intimidating at best. There’s finding a new place to live, familiarizing yourself with the culture and habits of the local denizens, and, perhaps most importantly, finding work so that you can support yourself.

Jobs to Get in Miami

Thankfully, Miami is a huge and diverse city with plenty of opportunities for employment if you know where to look. We’ve put together a list of easy jobs to get in Miami so that you can start living your Florida dream right away.

Online English Teacher

Average Salary: $21.00 an hour

Since 1900 people have been coming to Florida primarily from Cuba, but also from Puerto Rico, Mexico, and most other parts of the Spanish-speaking world. As a result, nearly 70% of the population of Miami speaks Spanish as their primary language at home.

This makes Miami an attractive market to many Spanish-speaking businessmen and women, who immigrated in search of the amazing benefits of doing business in America while still having a population whose culture is closer to their own. These affluent entrepreneurs are aware of the advantage that speaking English provides to them and their children though, and are always on the lookout for a private English tutor who is patient, organized, and friendly.

Private Detective

Average Salary: $58,520

You don’t need to be James Bond in order to become a private detective in Miami. All you actually need is a Class C license, which is acquired after you’ve completed a 40-hour course. Why become a private detective in Miami though? Well, it turns out the salaries for private detectives in Florida are nearly $20,000 more than the national average!

Your first job as a private detective (or PI as they are more commonly referred to) will likely be to gather information related to divorces, adultery, and child custody cases. As you get more experience you may be called upon to investigate cyber crimes and missing persons. It’s riskier, but a lot more lucrative.

Sales Representative

Average Salary: $52,140

One of the most popular jobs in Miami, and one that is always hiring, are sales representatives. Miami is an incredibly popular tourist destination. People come from all over the US and the world, looking to enjoy Miami’s beaches and come home with some quality products found only in the United States.

As a result, being a sales representative can earn you a lot of money, if you’re the kind of person who knows how to convince people to separate from their hard-earned dollars. Luckily, Miami has a perpetual vacation vibe, meaning people will generally be in a good mood and a bit more open to hearing what you have to say. Having a big smile and positive attitude will help here, as will speaking any foreign languages if you happen to know them.

Real Estate Agent

Average Pay: $82,898

It generally takes 2-5 months to get your real estate license in the State of Florida, after which you have to pass 2 exams. All of this will only cost you $375 which is nothing compared to how much a 4-year degree at a university would cost.

Many people are looking to purchase real estate in Miami because of how consistently lucrative it has always been. So when you take everything into account: a couple of months of courses for less than $400 for the opportunity to earn tens of thousands of dollars, this might be one of the easiest and highest-earning jobs you can find in the area.


 Average Pay:$61,469

If you are someone who loves children, then being a nanny in Miami, Florida might be the perfect job for you. Many full-time nannies enjoy the opportunity to travel with their families, live in fully furnished quarters, and enjoy some of the perks of living the high life all while making a decent income.

Of course, this will also require you to be a trustworthy and organized person. After all, you’ll be raising someone’s children, they’ll want to know that you will take care of them and raise them in the way that your employers approve of. If you’re someone who can handle that responsibility then definitely look in to nannying.

Senior Care Provider

Average Pay: $44,140

In a city where nearly 17% of the population is over the age of retirement, senior care providers are in high demand. Some providers work in retirement homes, where they serve food, clean rooms, lead fun activities, and much more. Others work privately, visiting seniors at their own homes where they help them do things like pay bills and prepare meals.

Patience, good communication skills, and a passion for helping others are necessary for working as a senior care provider. You don’t need a license to do so, which means if you truly care about helping the elderly you can start and get paid right away.

Customer Service Representative

Average Pay: $33,530

Also known as CSRs, Customer Service Representatives handle any issues that a client may have with a service or product. In today’s day and age, this is usually done over the phone, but CSRs can also work via text message, chat, email, or face to face.

Customer Service Representative jobs are one of the easiest jobs to get, and it’s actually the second most popular job in Miami. You don’t need any special degrees, just patience along with good listening and problem-solving skills.


Average Pay: $48,671

Miami is home to many wealthy families, all of whom want their children to get a great education and become successful themselves. As a tutor, you can get your start with a tutoring agency, although do keep in mind that they will take a percentage of your earnings.

If you’re looking to keep 100% of the money you make then you’ll need to work a little harder by advertising yourself. Ads, flyers, or just making friends with teachers at affluent schools who can help get the word out for you are probably some of the best ways to get your own long-term students.

Brand Ambassador

Average Pay: $44,609

Brand ambassadors are representatives of a company and its products. Jobs for brand ambassadors can vary, but essentially you need to be where a company’s customers are and convince them to purchase the product or service.

For example, a wine company might ask you to go to supermarkets where you’ll be talking to store managers about putting up a poster with your company’s wine on it. If you’re working for a perfume company then you will probably be in one of Miami’s many malls. It’s the perfect job for extroverts who want to turn their shining personalities into a profit.

House / Pet Sitter

Average Pay: $60,557

Miami has three international airports that people can select from for both domestic and international travel. That means that a lot of people are going to be looking to leave their homes for either business or pleasure. When that happens, they’re going to need someone to come and take care of their things.

As a house sitter, your job will be to make sure that the person’s home you’re sitting for stays tidy and clean. Any animals need to be fed and any plants watered. It’s an easy job that can easily cover your rent, bills, and then some.

Club Promoter

Average Pay:$35,306

It’s no secret that Miami is a party city. People come from all over the United States, and the world, in order to experience some of the best and most exclusive clubs there is. In order for clubs to compete with one another, and maintain their reputations, they need promoters out there who are spreading the good word about their dance floors.

As a club promoter, your job will be to advertise your employer’s club. This can be done in a number of ways, but the most common is having the phone numbers of models, DJs, and celebrities who you can dial up and let them know where the party is at. If you’re a party animal, then this is the job for you.

Dog Walker

Average Pay: $30,117

If you love dogs and want to experience that unbeatable Miami sunshine then being a dog walker would be a great choice for you. Not only do sites like rover.com make it super easy for dog walkers to start earning, but even as a side hustle it can bring in some great cash!

As a dog walker, you’ll need to uphold the appointments that you have with your clients and their pooches. Make sure you show up on time and pick up the poopies, and you won’t have any trouble earning some easy money!

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