Easy Sit-Down Jobs

We all love good paying easy jobs, as a matter of fact, it is all we ever wanted. All our career aspirations is based on that one factor. The major goal we also all have is to find easy jobs that pays well while we sit down.

Many of us will go for easy jobs as long as it pays well. One of the easiest of jobs are the ones we do while sitting down.

There are numerous well-paying jobs in the US and Canada that may require you being on your feet all day. However, there are also easy jobs where you can sit and still earn a great deal.

We are going to give you some of the popular jobs you may have been overlooking, not realizing you can make an extra few bucks and you never need to be on your feet.

Top 9 Easy Sit-Down Jobs

These easy jobs can be performed while sitting. Here are a few easy jobs you can do while sitting;


If you love reading, if you enjoy quiet and serene environments and most importantly if you are looking for easy jobs where you sit, then being a librarian is one of the best ones around that you can find. The library is generally the place where you go to have some peace and quiet. Directing readers to places where books can be found is the main responsibility here. If you get tired of sitting you can walk around tables and pick up books left behind. Generally if you want a job where you can sit and spend little energy, then being a Librarian is one of our top options for you.


House sitting is one of the easiest sitting jobs around. You not only get paid well but also enjoy house luxuries for few days. Rich Americans and celebrities love to travel on businesses or go on vacations and they get scared over the idea of leaving their beloved houses at the mercy of dust or burglars. This is why they need in-house sitters to help keep the houses in good shape till they return. All you have to do is stay in the house, sit and keep some lights on to let house burglars know someones home. This is quite an easy job where you can sit.

Secretaries, Receptionist & Call attendants

These 3 popular jobs may not always be the easiest around. But they definitely are jobs you do while you sit. All you have to do is attend to customers or clients, receive calls and take important notes or messages. They are jobs you can easily perform all day while you sit and still make big bucks from.


This is another easy paying job you can do while you sit. It is quite similar to house-sitting except that this time, a baby or babies are involved. Your job description is quite easy and straight-forward; Watch the baby or babies, stay indoors, sit and watch them sleep until the parents arrive which is usually for a few hours. It is a well-paying and easy job but make sure you love being around kids and you are patient with them before thinking about going for a job like this.

Data entry & Typing jobs

Big firms like financial companies and law firms are always on the look-out for data entry officers who would help file and enter their ever bulky documents on systems. So if you are good with the keyboard and you are fine with sitting down for long period of hours, then this job is for you. Remember this job is only easy if you enjoy typing hundreds or thousands of words daily while sitting.


Therapists spend most hours of their day attending and listening to their patients. They sit down all through the duration of time. While it may not be easy getting licenses to become a therapist, it is quite easy working on the job itself. You get to sit all day listening to your patients while exerting not many physical strength.

Movie-Scripts Sample Audience

Hollywood movie makers love making profits for their movies so they pay a lot of attentions to their stories during development stages. Part of the things they do is find people who would sit down and listen to the movie ideas, the scripts, the story narratives and these people will give verdicts on how they feel about the movie. This is another easy job you can do while sitting. Since you only have to sit and listen to directors and movie makers explain the concept of their movies to you while you get paid for listening and telling them how you feel about their potential movies.

Toll booth attendant

Another popular easy jobs you can do while sitting is to become a toll booth attendant. It is one of the best and easy jobs out there. All you have to do is sit down, take payments from passing vehicles and lifting the gates to let them through and you can do all these while sitting, and that is how easy it is.

Voice actor

Another easy job where you sit is voice acting. Mind you, you do not need to be a good actor to have this job. As long as you have a voice, with any type of voice, you are a perfect fit. Non-English speaking movie makers in other countries who are trying to sell their movies in US and Canada are always on the look-out for people who would perform English voice-overs for their non-English movies, so to make the English sound clean and without accent, they hire Americans and Canadians to do the voice-overs. You can simply read from a script, sit and get paid. Easy Peasy!

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