Easy Summer Jobs for Teachers

In the United States and Canada, four seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter – determine the weather pattern. The summer begins in June and ends in September, a time when teachers get their well-deserved break. During this period, schools are closed, and teachers have adequate free time on their hands that can be utilized to generate extra income.

For educators, numerous temporary or part-time jobs are available. Below are some of the easy summer jobs that teachers can undertake as they await the start of the new school year.

easy summer jobs for teachers


Freelancing is one of the most profitable summer jobs for teachers that does not necessitate professional writing experience. One only needs to be a good writer. Due to their logical thinking, written communication skill, and numerous insights – unavailable to many – teachers make great freelance writers.

Selecting the niche that one is comfortable writing about, such as education or child-related topics, is best in freelance writing to improve popularity. Websites like freelancewriting.com, freelancer.com, and upwork.com offer numerous writing jobs that range from journalism to writing content for websites.

Another benefit of being a freelance writer is that freelancing allows a person to double being a teacher and a freelancer due to the flexibility of the writing schedule.

The amount of money teachers can make as freelancers depends on numerous factors. As a beginner, a freelancer may earn less, though this may increase quickly with progress.


Blogging is yet another easy summer job teachers can undertake to earn extra income or cure boredom during summer. Establishing and maintaining a profitable blog takes time, but this can be done during free time accompanied by passion and dedication as a teacher. Readers are attracted to bloggers who employ passion in their writing niche as they write about things that excite them, like relationships or health. For instance, writing informative posts on wildlife attracts readers interested in wildlife.

Furthermore, blogging about teaching can be a significant venture or niche to pursue. For instance, the teacher can blog about classroom ideas or new teaching ideas, improving leadership and readership. It is also a good idea to ensure that confidentiality is maintained when writing about students and families.

Integrating affiliates, Ads, and sponsored posts can earn more money to ensure that blogging maximizes profitability.

Before starting a blog, it is essential to establish how money can be generated from the blog. Ideally, when most teachers have spare and free time, summertime is the best time for such an undertaking.


This is another easy summer job for teachers. It involves listening to audio and video files and typing what is heard. Transcription is suitable for teachers with patience and those capable of sitting for a long time with an eye for detail. A majority of transcriptions are independent contracts enabling one to set their working hours.

Aside from accuracy, it is essential as a transcriptionist to be fast at typing as one is paid per audio minute. The job is also flexible since people can work from anywhere, thereby improving flexibility for the teacher.

House sitting or Pet sitting

It is almost guaranteed that in every summer people leave their homes at some point. This means that there is a need to hire someone to look after plants, pets and houses left behind. Teachers can earn money by keeping an eye on the houses and pets of individuals away from home.

Often, house sitting involves watering plants as well as bringing in the mail. Additionally, caring for the owner’s pets primarily includes pet sitting – where the pet is fed and walked.

Apps like Rover enable the advertising of such services.


Children need extra help with school work during summer. This may be because they are falling behind or are concerned about losing what has already been gained. Tutoring is among the easy summer jobs teachers can access for extra income.

As a tutor, one gets to assist children with science, mathematics, or any other challenging subject, but choosing a specific topic or age group is best to ensure marketing is done with the best forecasts. Being a tutor during the summer should come easy for teachers who already possess the necessary teaching skills.

Teachers can use social media and networking to get the word out about their tutoring services. Also, teachers can employ sites like tutor.com and numerade.com to get one started. Another advantage of tutoring is that one gets to choose their rates.


Proofreading is yet another easy summer job teachers can employ for extra profit. It involves reviewing a paper to identify any apparent errors like typos or grammatical errors.

Payment is charged per hour, per word, or project. Also, the work can be retained as a part-time job, due to its flexibility, even during the school year.


Babysitting is another unique and flexible summer job for teachers where the necessary commitment of a full-time job is not compulsory; nonetheless, improved interaction with children is essential. Here, a teacher can make extra income by caring for young ones whose parents or guardians are away.

Parents are primarily hesitant about leaving their children with anyone and spend much time considering the right individual for the job. Therefore, it is best to let friends know your availability for the summer to find prospects. By mentioning teaching as one’s profession, parents are most likely to consider an individual due to service trust. Furthermore, teachers can use sites like care.com and sittercity.com to identify babysitting jobs.

Camp Counseling

Camp counseling is another classic and easy summer job for teachers. During the summer, most camps are full and require assistance. Teachers make great candidates for counselors due to their educational and mentoring skills for leading and managing groups.

On the plus side, one gets to enjoy the field trips and outdoor events. While looking for such jobs, it is vital to begin application early to select a suitable position from the available ones as the school year comes to a close. Identify openings by applying directly to the camp or checking with the local community organizations and churches. Additionally, teachers can use online job boards such as ZipRecruiter and Indeed to identify prospects.

Virtual Assistant

These are individuals that remotely handle administrative tasks.

Naturally, teachers make good assistants due to their organizational skills and attention to detail. Their heightened schedule is revealed through their class management, marking, and planning for lessons.

As virtual assistants, teachers assist businesses and freelancers in booking appointments, entering data, paying bills, sending emails, packages, and letters, and booking flights and hotels. As teachers work for bloggers and other freelancers, a virtual assistant may write newsletters and schedule social media content. Websites like Upwork, Zirtual, and People Per Hour can get one started on making money as a virtual assistant. For any organized and multitalented teacher, virtual assistance is an easy summer job undertaken during the summer break.

Virtual Receptionist

Just like virtual assistants, virtual receptionists also conduct their daily activities remotely. Due to the realization that receptionists do not need to have an office to perform their jobs, virtual receptionists present the perfect part-time employment.

Payment is given hourly to answer calls, emails and take part in online chats. An excellent place to start when seeking employment as a virtual receptionist is smith.ai.

Uber or Lyft Driver

Driving for Uber or Lyft is also an easy way of earning profit as a teacher. It is a legitimate option and does not necessitate a full-time commitment. Most of these companies require the applicant to be 21 years of age or older with a year of experience as a driver. The applicant is also required to own a car and pass a background check.

What makes driving an easy part-time job is that working can be done at any time – weekends, days, or night – making it a convenient option.

Additionally, teachers can also deliver food by working for food delivery companies for extra cash. Flexible hours are offered by companies like UberEats, Shipt, and GrubHub.

Jobs Conclusion

The above few jobs can be undertaken by teachers within the United States, and Canada can during the summer holidays between June and September. Such jobs can help teachers generate extra income that can be extended to essential household necessities. Teachers, unlike, other professionals benefit from flexible work schedules that include even a month long vacation.

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