Jobs in Chicago

Here’s an easy way for anyone – youths or experienced workers, to find jobs in Chicago.

Whether you’ve been in the job market for a while or you’re young and fresh to the workforce, reading this can help set you apart from the competition.

Jobs In Chicago

With COVID-19 on the downswing, people have started to search for jobs and other opportunities to increase their monthly income. Right now it is an employee market, since industries like manufacturing, leisure and hospitality,
food and beverage, etc. that require in-person positions are experiencing labor shortages.

Find What You Like

Everyone has problems, regardless of where they are in life. Luckily, we get to choose our problems. Do you like to talk to and meet new people? Look for a position available in hospitality or food and beverage. Do you like physical work? Maybe construction, welding, or manufacturing is best for you. The important thing is to get into an industry that interests you.

Build A Great Resume

A resume is usually submitted online and is your initial contact with a potential employer, so it should be reviewed for any errors, and polished with all of the I’s dotted and T’s crossed. Here’s what recruiters typically look at when reviewing resumes:

  1. Continuity: Have you spent a reasonable amount of time with your previous employers?
  2. Customization: Is this resume highlighting what skills the industry and this position value?
  3. Clear communication: Are your strengths, skills, and experience clear? Is your spelling and grammar on point?
  4. Length: Keep your resume short and sweet, one page is optima, two is acceptable.
  5. Accomplishments: List your accomplishments, now’s your time to shine! Be specific. For example: Implemented a new process which increased sales by 12%.

Get some more resume building tips with our own guide.

Finding An Employer

The best way to get hired quickly is to apply where no one is working. This means looking at sectors which are either 1) unappealing to most people, or 2) experiencing a decline in labor. In Chicago specifically, the healthcare industry is facing a shortage of support staff. Same with tech and recruiting, along with several other sectors. For Chicago’s youth without much work experience, large companies like McDonald’s and Walmart have stated that they are committed to permanent wage increases to attract more workers.

Another strategy is finding industries that are booming and applying to the new positions being created by expansion. With restaurants and bars opening up, there is a massive upwards trend in Chicago’s Leisure, Hospitality, Trade, and other industries.

Due to the pandemic, a lot of businesses have moved their hiring strategies completely online. To reach them, there are a lot of useful websites (like Indeed) that serve as a platform to connect talent with employers.

Here are some tips to a successful interview when you get a call back:

  1. Research the company.
  2. Practice makes perfect, review your answers to common interview questions.
  3. Have examples of your work accomplishments ready.
  4. Prepare questions for your interviewers based on the job description.
  5. Research salary ranges for this position and come prepared to talk about compensation.

Working For Yourself

This is one that scares a lot of people but can be very lucrative. You can start by asking family and friends what they wished they could have help with (mowing the lawn, getting groceries, etc.) and what they would pay for a service like that. Offer your services, get some runs under your belt with people who will forgive mistakes! Once you have some experience, post your services on sites like Craigslist and apps like Thumbtack or Nextdoor.

There are also websites like Fiverr and Upwork where you can provide your skills to people all over the world as a freelancer. The services people provide range from writing blogs, to managing social media accounts, to web design. You can work from home and take a break to stroll through Millenium Park if you so choose!

Taking Advantage Of Your Situation

Last but not least, if you’re looking for a bump to your income, take a look at your current situation. Do you have space in your backyard or garage for storage? Rent that space out to people monthly through the Neighbor app. Do you have a spare bedroom or couch? Consider putting it on Airbnb for some extra cash. Do you use public transport and have your car sitting idle? Rent it out on Turo.

There are plenty of ways to find jobs in Chicago that come with a income stream that works for your lifestyle. If you like meeting people in a social setting, consider the service industry. Would you rather work for yourself? Find something that is in demand like babysitting or tutoring. Do you have a way to make some passive income? Maximize your revenue streams. Get out there and make it happen!

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Update your Resume

You'll have a higher chance of landing the job you apply for if your resume stands out from the rest! Use our free helpful guide to make or update your resume.

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