Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

If you have been bit by the travel bug and are unsure how to travel while financially supporting yourself throughout your travels. You are not alone. A lot of people put off their plans to be a globetrotter due to not having enough money.

The good news is that there are jobs available that require little to no experience and allow you to travel the globe.

Listed below are 17 relatively easy jobs to get, and you can do them while you travel. Some jobs you need to travel for, and some of these jobs can be done remotely. You can travel while you work on your laptop and create your own schedule.

Traveling Jobs

Let’s take a closer look at some job opportunities available to you.

Teaching English Abroad

If you are looking for a job that offers you the opportunity to not only travel but to really sink your teeth into a new country and experience the culture of that country, then teaching English might be for you.

You can settle down in a new country for a few months while earning money. Getting a job teaching English is not very hard. There are online classes you can take to obtain a TEFL certificate to help you get a job. No other degrees are necessary.

Teach English Online

You can teach English online from anywhere in the world, opening up your schedule to travel at your own leisure while working from whatever country you find yourself in that day. As long as you can access an internet connection and put in a few hours of work. You can create an excellent career for yourself by teaching English online.

Hotel Professional

Working in the hospitality industry doesn’t necessarily mean traveling every day, but you are able to transfer to other hotels in a chain. This is an excellent opportunity to move every year. Take in the city or country, and move on to a new location while having steady employment.

You don’t need any experience to get some hotel jobs; be a pleasant person, work hard, and go above and beyond for guests and you’ll go far in the hospitality industry.

Truck Driver

Driving a long-haul truck doesn’t take a degree. You do need a special license to drive a big semi truck, pass a drug and alcohol test, a physical exam, and you can apply to companies to drive a truck for them. Truck drivers haul goods all over Canada and the United States, giving you many opportunities to travel while making money.

Cruise Ship Worker

Working on a cruise ship, you will literally travel the world with free lodging, meals, and wages. If you are up for the challenges of working on a cruise ship and want to travel the world while being paid, starting a career on a cruise ship may be up your alley.


Starting a blog could be a very fruitful career. Starting a blog is relatively easy and quick, but if you are serious and want to make a living that will support you traveling whenever and to wherever you want, you will need to put some time into your blog. You don’t need to have any degree or certificate; you should have a niche that excites you and create content about that topic. You could start a blog about your travels as you visit new destinations. Such as top ten lists, tips and tricks, different cultures you experience, posts of that nature.

Virtual Assistant

If you are someone who is pretty organized and can be resourceful, working as a virtual assistant might be for you. This job isn’t a traveling job, but it is a job you can do from anywhere with an internet connection. A virtual assistant would perform tasks like answering/sending emails, scheduling appointments/meetings, social media posting and content management, organizing events, and so much more depending on what your client may need; think personal assistant, but everything is virtual. You don’t even have to live in the same country as the person who hired you.

Drop Shipping

Drop shipping is having a virtual storefront that you manage and market your merchandise through. While a third-party stores and ships your products when ordered. You can run a drop shipping store while you travel since your store is online. You don’t need to sit in a store all day trying to sell to people in person. Drop shipping can be a more hands-off job once your store is thriving, it can take some time and effort to get to that point, but it is possible.

Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer is basically being a middleman. Someone is looking for a product. You make the recommendation, and then you receive a commission for the sale. This is an excellent gig for traveling. Once you have established yourself as an affiliate marketer, you will be bringing in passive income while you travel. If you’re not a writer and are not confident to write a buyers guide you can always pay a freelance writer to write the guide for you, then you can focus on marketing and getting your guide in front of your audience.

Teach Yoga

Yoga is popular all over the globe. If you have a passion for yoga and helping people find their Zen, you can make a nice career for yourself as a traveling yoga instructor. Depending on where your travels take you, you can make a good income from teaching yoga classes.


As people are taking their businesses online more than ever, writers are in demand. If you have a flair for writing, you can find work as a freelance writer. If you’re willing to do a bit of extra work and learn copy writing, you can make some serious cash. It is not uncommon to hear of copywriters making six figures. You can make a really great income all from your laptop while you travel.


Bookkeeping doesn’t come to mind when you think about freelancing, but you can absolutely work as a freelance bookkeeper. Working as a freelancer will let you work when you want and from where ever you want, like the beach or your hotel balcony. If you are able to learn how to book-keep, then this may be a way to earn money while you travel.


If you want to travel, why not make vlogs about your travels and put them on YouTube?

People make a living off their YouTube content. Much like a blog, a vlog will take time to build up momentum and followers, but once you hit that sweet spot, this is a great way to fund and document your travels.

Flight Attendant

This is a job that will require you to travel all over the globe. You do need some certifications and to complete training programs, but if the life of a flight attendant is for you, then it’s a small price to pay. There are different airlines you could work for, from corporate airlines to working on a private jet. This can be a fast-paced life, being on call and having to travel on short notice, but if you’re looking for that type of lifestyle, then flight attendant jobs would be worth looking into.

International Shopper

Being an international shopper can be exciting and rewarding. You get to travel all over the world to find and make purchases on behalf of your client. You could be shopping for anything from artwork, jewellery, clothing, houses, machinery, anything your client needs. They can’t travel to buy themselves, so they will send their shopper.

Hostel Worker

If you plan on traveling and staying at a hostel, you can trade work for free shelter and maybe even a small wage. It is not glamorous or going to make you rich but working at a hostel will help cover travel expenses while you’re traveling.

Work On A Super Yacht

Finding a job working on a super yacht requires little to no experience and allows you to travel the world. A super yacht job will make you good money and also opens you up to making great connections along your way.

If your sights are set on traveling and earning money along your way, whether you are traveling to work or work remotely to accommodate your traveling lifestyle. There is a job out there to suit your personality and the life you are building for yourself.

Happy travels! Want some more job ideas? Check out our Easy Freelance Jobs list!

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