What Are Some Easy Freelance Jobs?

These days, freelancing has become a more popular option. Freelancing is handling jobs and communicating with clients right from the comfort of your home. However, it seems to be a more complicated task since many users are now using this platform as a way to make an actual income. So what are some easy freelance jobs you can try?

If you’re looking into any popular freelancing websites, you may notice that there are all kinds of jobs available. From simple writing to more complex coding jobs. You can jump into any category that you like. But in order to make an income out of it, you still need to show a little bit of decency and professionalism.

easy freelance jobs

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a stay-at-home mom who wants a little extra cash. As long as you do the work professionally, you can be a successful freelancer.

The gig economy trend has been increasing for the past years, and it doesn’t show any slow down for future times. Nowadays, a vast number of freelancing websites are growing following the freelancing trend.

Some websites are also beginner-friendly, offering classes for newcomers to learn new skills or honing their capabilities. Before talking about what are some easy freelance jobs for you to do this year, we want to answer a question you probably have been curious about.

Are Freelance Jobs Still Relevant?

By becoming a freelancer, you allow yourself to be the boss, the commandant of your own troops. You will decide anything related to work policies, including work hours, where you want to work, or even the dress code. When working at home, you don’t even need a formal dress anymore.

You’ll be “trained” to be self-discipline by setting a certain amount of hours during the day to make the job done. That means you can still pick your kids from school, having dinner with your partner, or even playing your hobby in your free time. Freelancing doesn’t take you all day time. Instead, you’ll decide your own work hours.

Aside from setting your own working hours, you need to set the price for the service you provide. That means you don’t need to wait for long hours just to get a raise as the price will follow your skills progressively. As you become more dependable as a freelancer, you may raise the price, double or even triple them as you see fit.

Freelancing works will give you a freedom that not everyone can achieve in their workplaces. It would be a perfect option if you considered living in different cities or locations. As long as you have your devices and a decent internet connection to receive and send your works, you can basically work from anywhere in the world. Your home can be your main office, gaining thousands of dollars with a simple computer setup.

What You Need The Most..

The greatest cost of investment for freelancing is actually not the peripherals. It’s the amount of patience and dedication that is worth the most. Of course, you can’t just quit your main job to become a freelancer immediately. There are a lot of concerns to think about. So, start slow, continuously upgrading your skills to make more money from clients or customers.

Once you’re making as much or even better than your full job, then you know it’s time to quit. This case, however, happened in a lot of freelancers. If you have dependable skills and can excitingly promote yourself, you’ll start to gain an income in a matter of time. So is freelancing still relevant to this day? It absolutely is.

What are Some Easy Freelance Jobs You Can Do Today?

In this article, we want to answer your question of “what are some easy freelance jobs to do in 2021” with seven choices of works you may start working into. They are the best jobs to begin with since they require only a small bit of skills to start.

Content Writing

One of the most straightforward freelancing jobs to date is content writing. It doesn’t take a lot of time, is relatively easy to do, but requires a small amount of writing skills. If you plan to have content writing as your main job, it’s best to hone your writing skills now while learning new things like copywriting and SEO.

Digital content producers are in high demand. As per LinkedIn’s predictions for the hottest jobs this year, content writing is one of them. There is great demand for dependable writers since many popular websites are craving more universal audiences.

It’s a plus if you can write in multiple languages. Since many companies are looking for a more divert audience, they want a writer capable of creating content for the broader market. Your income might increase this way.

But, be ready to be disappointed because content writing is one of the most low-paying freelancing jobs. That’s why you need to be exceptional and skillful in writing content so companies might hire you again and again.


The difference between copywriters and content writers is the primary goal of their writings. While content writings tend to create an informative and entertaining piece for the audience, copywriters have the main task to make the clients’ goods or products well sold.

A great copywriter can demand thousands of dollars just for a single piece of a sales letter that has a high probability of converting website readers into buyers. And companies would gladly pay for that.

Being a copywriter takes a long time to learn about selling and creating a compelling piece to increase the readers’ mood to buy a particular product or service. Their creations must be compelling and convincing the readers to take direct action to order the promoted product.

Editing & Proofreading

Editing and proofreading are other jobs related to writing. It takes different skills and needs to be a great freelance editor. To be a good editor, you need several skills at your disposal, including attention to detail, a love for language, and an excellent understanding of grammar.

You can be a freelance editor in any language; you can work on large websites that desire a multi-lingual audience. Attention to detail is significantly needed to ensure that there’s no error in delivery and understanding of the article.

Photography Jobs

It’s good news for those of you who have photography as your hobby. Now, your hobby can turn into a money-making machine as long as your skill meets the market’s demand. If you love to travel worldwide and capture universal beauty, freelance photography would be a dream job.

If you love taking people’s images for professional purposes, you can set your home into a studio. You can turn unused parts of the house into your workplace. You can also start to make stock images for sites like Shuttershock that always pays a great deal of money for extraordinary images.

Transcription Jobs

Nowadays, you may find podcasts to be one of the trending content to enjoy during the pandemic. Listening to others’ statements and deep views about their lives is attractive, especially if they’re famous.

Many websites now offer transcription services by having the top transcription freelancers at their side. The job requires you to convert an audio or video file into readable dialogues. You need to have excellent hearing skills to ‘capture” each word perfectly.

Sites like GoTranscript offer an average $150 income for good workers, while the top ones can acquire a higher amount of $1215 monthly.

Freelance Tutor

If you happen to be a stay-at-home mom or a student who wants an extra income, being a freelance tutor might be a suitable choice. It’s a satisfying job where you can earn up to $50 an hour, helping students with their homework. You can do this online by offering your freelance service on the internet.

It’s becoming popular, especially during a pandemic. Many tutoring websites are now looking for good teachers to help students study over the internet. You can earn money while having a sense of excitement and satisfaction through teaching others.

Freelance Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant is also one of the easiest freelancing jobs you can try. What you’ll do is to help small businesses or individuals to handle their tasks, including digital marketing, customer service, or other administrative tasks like transcription or accounting works.

It could be tiring for the first time because you need to handle several things the company needs. But, once you’re finally used to it, you can earn thousands of dollars from loyal clients and customers.


Now that the question of “what are some easy freelance jobs” has been answered, you’ve finally gained an understanding that there are many jobs out there that almost everyone can do. Be a designer, writer, tutor, or choose another different path that you like.

The key can always play a vital role to fits the company’s needs, so your skill will always be in demand. The more direct your part in helping the business grow, the better you will get hired continuously.

Find the type of job you highly desired and are capable of doing. Don’t be shy to learn new skills to help grow and promote yourself to gain many potential clients.

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