What Are Some Easy Jobs for Kids

Now you might be wondering, “What are some easy jobs for kids?” Having the kids work by themselves will teach them about how the world works. When you give something, you’ll receive something. So, what are some easy jobs for kids?

When kids start working on their own, they won’t rely on their parents’ allowance anymore. They can be diligent and confident with their selves without burdening their parents. The amount of money doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the value they will learn along the way. Patience, diligence, and consistency are only some of many.

By tapping into the kids’ entrepreneur side, parents will allow the kids to make money.

Easy Jobs for Kids

Working As A Kid

As the years fly by, earning some money as a kid doesn’t seem to be as daunting as before. The opportunities are not just limited to lemonade making or lawn mowing.

Here’s a list of the ten best options for your kids to start earning money.

Pet Sitting

If you ever asked about, “what are some easy jobs for kids?” pet sitting would probably the best option. Of course, people love their pets, and it’s one of the best chances for your kids to make money. People often travel around, leaving their pets behind. While some people tend to put them in a shelter, most would probably refer to family or relatives.

As a pet sitter, the kids will be responsible for taking care of the pets. Some tasks include walking them out during the morning and evening, feeding them accordingly, or changing the water regularly.

The pets that mostly need this service are dogs, birds, cats, fish, or even exotic ones like an iguana. It’s a perfect job if your kid is an animal lover.

The pet owner may drop their pets in your house or require your kids to come to their house. Either way works. The tasks are pretty simple to do, but for an extended period. If they love the pets, it won’t even feel like a job.

Pet Washing Service

It’s another job that works for pet lover kids. As the name implies, the kids will do the task involved in pet washing, including grooming the pets, clipping nails, and others. If there’s already a pet in the house, you can teach your kids first to get an initial experience.

You can search places like sites, local groups on social media, or websites to find pet washing jobs. You can also try to approach the traditional method by placing flyers around the neighborhood in crowded locations like a community center or mailbox station.

Dog Walking

After a long day of working, the pets are ready to interact with their owners by playing and, ultimately, walking. Pet owners will love to do so, but they often will be reluctant and tired after a long working day. Your kids might offer a solution with a pet walking service. Usually, pet walking is always related to dogs since they always love evening walks.

Walking with dogs for a few hours a day might be an exciting exercise your kids can enjoy. They can start working after school, or on weekends if they have more free time.

Do walking service might grow dramatically once the neighborhood finally recognizes the service. Once walking, one dog might quickly turn into walking three or more dogs at once. It could be a family business you may enjoy.


Now, this is the job for the kids who love to tend others. It’s even more fitting if your kids have other siblings in the house, like little brothers or sisters. It can be started pretty early in the house. Simply helping mom with babysitting could increase their experience. This job may farm around $17 or more hourly.


The landscaping works might require a bit of extra energy since they will involve outdoor jobs. Landscaping job includes edging, mowing grass, or other gardening works. The kids will learn how to plant seeds, pull weeds, or even mulching.

Since the job will be related to gardening, you might teach the kids how to operate or use gardening equipment such as lawnmowers. Also, you can increase their knowledge of how to plant seeds, use fertilizer, etc.

This busywork might make the time go by fast while keeping your kids busy during the afternoons. Though it seems tiring and complex, this job may offer other benefits such as the schedule is flexible and the time to done the task goes continuously. The task will not be done once. Trimming and taking care of the garden requires multiple times of maintenance. The work will be done regularly, so the kids will also receive income regularly.

But, strength and patience are the most critical aspects of this job. It will make the kids out of the house and stay busy during the weekends or after school.

Washing Cars

What are some easy jobs for kids? Car washing is certainly one of them.

When the work hours piling up, who still has the time to wash the cars anymore?

An automatic car wash is always desirable since it’s fast and straightforward. But, the traditional method of car washing by hands is still more preferred. Your kids can offer to wash vehicles while also offering other services, including wheel polishing, interior vacuuming, or any job related to detailing.

The requirements for this job are actually quite simple. Your kids just need to understand how to use a water hose, bucket, and solution to wash the car by hand. You can teach the kids to do detailing works to get an initial experience to offer them the best service.

In order to get your first client, you can promote through word of mouth. Start by relatives first, tell them about the car wash service your kid has. They will feel interested to see how the kids will work. If the result comes up as surprising, your kids will be getting clients in no time.

Washing Boats

The cleaning service is actually quite the same as boat cleaning. It’s a labor-intensive job that many would probably hate doing. Clients will have their boats cleaned up, ready for the upcoming adventures by having the kids’ total energy. If you happen to live around the coast where boats are common, you can start promoting this service that might turn into a promising family business.

Boats are a bit more complex than cars, so the essential experience is still needed. Teach your kids how to properly clean a boat first before offering the service throughout the neighborhood. It’s an excellent opportunity if you have a job related to boats.

Furniture Cleaning

Furniture cleaning is desperately needed in a busier society. While people are intensively working to make a living, cleaning the furniture might be another tiring task after work. This is when your kids come in to offer the best furniture cleaning to the customers.

Always remember that the furniture always needs to be cleaned regularly. It’s essential for pet owners or any families with babies. When the house is clean, the family will be happy.

As for per charge, your kids can gain up to $50 to $100, a hefty amount of income indeed. The prices may vary based on the room or the project. For example, a room might be cleaned for $50, and the baby’s bedroom furniture might be cleaned for $100.

Home Cleaning

It’s the more complicated task of room cleaning. Your kids will be working around the house, cleaning every part as a housekeeper. It might be funny to think of your kids as housekeepers, but it’s definitely doable.

It could be an expensive service your kids may offer. The basic supplies are usually affordable, such as vacuum, broom, and other cleaning supplies. Drive the kids to the customer’s home, and pick them up later on when the job is finally done.

Now, the home cleaning job involves many tasks and activities. But, the general ones your kids will be doing are sweeping, mopping, wiping, washing dishes, making a bed, cleaning bathrooms, and cleaning up dust and debris.

The job is perfect for the kids who love cleaning the house or are used to it. It might be an excellent option for them to make extra money.

Carpet Cleaning

Still related to house cleaning, your kids might focus on carpet cleaning if the previous job is too tiring. Carpet cleaning involves general tasks like vacuuming, carpet folding, and washing. It’s that kind of service that is always needed once a month or once every three months. So, the kids will receive a regular payment when the job is finished, only if the customers are satisfied with the results.

The first thing is that the kids should have access to a carpet washer. Operating them is pretty easy, pretty similar to a vacuum cleaner.


As you may notice, there are a lot of opportunities to answer “what are some easy jobs for kids?”. Teaching the kids to learn about the world through working for others can teach great values of living. Parents can teach them about money management and responsibility. Having this experience at a young age will help develop them to be responsible adults.

If you have older kids or teenagers, take a look at Easy Jobs For Teenagers.

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